JerryRigEverything Tears Apart the Samsung Galaxy S10


As Samsungs S10 and S10+ devices have started shipping out to people who pre-ordered the latest phone JerryRigEverything has got his hands on the new device to tear it apart and show us what's inside.

The new video goes into detail showing off the new device from the inside out. We get a close look at the waterproofing membranes, internal heat pipe, and even a closer look at the USB-C port. Bad news about that as it's now soldered directly onto the motherboard making it very difficult to replace.

While taking the phone apart, JerryRigEverything also tore apart the display to give us a better look at that new ultra-sonic fingerprint sensor built in. Unfortunately, when doing this, he destroyed the screen in the process so if your fingerprint scanner starts to malfunction you're going to have to get a new display.

Overall its a great look inside the new device, and we thank JerryRigEverything for sacrificing his Galaxy S10 for the knowledge of us all, and science.

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