iTunes & Airplay 2 Coming To More TV's


An apparent theme with TV announcements at this years CES is the addition of Apples Airplay 2 standard built into many 3rd party TVs.

It started with the announcement from Samsung on Sunday that their new TV's would be updated to support iTunes & Airplay 2 and now we're seeing reports from Visio and LG about bringing Airplay 2 to their TV's as well.

Starting with Vizio this morning, the company announed their TV's would get an over the air update later this year which would bring Airplay 2 and home kit support. Vizio also announced it would be releasing beta software to select users in Canada and the US for testing in the coming weeks, with a full rollout in Q2 of this year.

LG was the next to announce the addition of Airplay 2 on their upcoming TV's. No exact timeframe was announced when the feature would be available and how it would be rolled out. It may only be available on newer TV models or could come as an update to their Web OS software already built into many TV's/

Apple has also gone ahead and updated their official Airplay webpage to talk about future implementation on 3rd party tv's along with additional functions coming to Siri which will allow Siri to control playback on Airplay 2 TVs.