Is This the Upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck?


A new post on Reddit is making many Tesla fans stop and wonder, could this be the rumoured upcoming Tesla Electric Pickup?

Elon Musk has stated that Tesla is indeed working on an electric pickup truck for a future release, but very little is known about the truck at this time. Musk has stated the truck will be able to seat around six people and have 400 to 500 miles of range on a single change.

Upon further inspection, many users on Reddit pointed out the covered truck looks very similar to the Ford F-150, even down to the exhaust pipe which can be seen at on the rear passenger side of the vehicle. Its possible Tesla is testing out the new power train that will be part of the future truck, under the body of an F-150, so people don't notice it while being tested.

One of the biggest questions many have is why Tesla would be transporting the prototype pickup truck in Ohio? It's possible they brought it out there for testing, but it seems like a strange decision since it has yet to be announced by the company. Traditionally Tesla announced their vehicles before they begin showing up in the public eye.

Currently, it's hard to tell exactly what this truck is doing on the trailer with many other Tesla vehicles. Could it indeed be the highly anticipated Tesla Pickup Truck? Or could it merely be another pickup that was placed on the trailer because there was space available? Right now it's too hard to tell. Tesla is holding their Model Y announcement on March 14th so its possible Tesla could surprise us all with the pickup truck also.

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