iRobot Announces Robotic Lawn Mower


Get ready iRobot the company behind the highly popular home robotic vacuum is looking to take over your yard next.

The company announced this week that they would soon begin selling the Terra, their solution to the robotic lawn mower, and their bringing technology from what they learned on the Roomba outside.

The first significant change with the Terra is you don't have to install a perimeter wire like most other robotic lawn mowers. IRobot is using their wireless beacon technology to tell the robot where the perimeter of your lawn is. Along with the beacons you will have to take the robot for a little joy ride the first time you install it. By using the smartphone app, you will have to drive the Terra around the perimeter of your yard and other obstacles helping it to learn about its new environment.

You don't have to worry about the Terra hitting rocks either, iRobot has developed a system to mount the blades on springs allowing the robot to hit rocks and not damage itself in the process which should result in less time spent sharpening your lawnmower blades.

When it comes to battery life, the Terra can run for an hour at a time, and then it will return to its home dock and take 2 hours to recharge. If your lawn takes longer than one hour to cut, the robot will cut for an hour, then charge for two, then go back and finish up the job when it can.

Another concern for many about leaving a robot outside is how well it will react to the weather. IRobot states the Terra is entirely weatherproof and designed to live outside all its life, though I would still make sure to bring it in during the cold winter months we have here in Canada.

Similar to your Roomba, the Terra also is controlled using an app, allowing you to set a schedule when you would like it to cut your grass, and even choose the height at which you would want the mower to cut.

Terra will first go on sale in Germany with a test expected to happen in the USA this year as well. No official price has been announced by iRobot and no word on if the product will be available in Canada anytime soon.

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