iPhone 11 Could Wirelessly Charge Your AirPods


This week Apple announced the new AirPods 2 which feature a new wireless charging case. This allows you to charge the AirPods case the same way you can change the iPhone but placing it on a wireless charging mat. But new rumours suggest this years iPhone 11 could also be a way to charge the AirPods.

Similar to the system Samsung announced with the Galaxy S10, this years iPhone 11 could feature a wireless charging system that would allow it to charge the AirPods case, and maybe future versions of the Apple Watch.

The iPhone would be able to switch its charging could from accepting electrical energy to transmitting energy. This way you could place the AirPods case on the back of the iPhone and then charge the AirPods without a traditional charger.

There is also the possibility that future versions of the Apple Watch could change to support Qi charging and thus could also work with this system.

Apple is expected to announce this years new iPhones at an event in the fall.

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