iOS 13 Will Make Big Changes On The iPad


This years release of iOS 13 could mean big things for the iPad is a new report from 9to5Mac is to be believed.

The new report suggests iOS 13 will bring Dark mode, a new email client, better multitasking, a new undo gesture, new volume display, new reminders app, and enhanced Siri.

Dark mode is something that's been rumoured to be coming to iOS for years, and with the recent release of a dark mode for macOS, it seems only natural that a dark mode would be available in iOS.

The new email client would be a great addition to the system. The current mail client is fine, but it's missing some key features others had adopted years ago. One of the main features is auto-categorization. This would allow the mail app to move messages into areas like primary, newsletters, and junk. This way you can quickly go through the messages which are important to you.


Next is the improved multitasking; this is a big one. According to the report, iOS will adopt a movable panel app interface which will allow multiple apps to be open at once even allowing them to be stacked on top of one another. You will also be able to rearrange the windows with simple flicks, and by flicking it off the top of the display, it will close the app. Improved multitasking is something power users have been looking for on the iPad for years, especially with the larger screen of the iPad Pro 12.9 inch.

The undo tester is getting rethought, no longer will you have to pick up your iPad and shake it to undo. Something that when is done is just stupid I'm not sure what took Apple so long to fix this.

Some smaller tweaks include a new design for the reminders app which is long overdue. Safari will now ask for the Desktop version of websites instead of showing mobile versions, especially on the larger iPads. The volume display will no longer be located right in the middle of the device screen. This is another feature Apple should have fixed years ago.

Apple is expected to show off iOS 13 at WWDC in June this year, with a free worldwide release in the fall.

Source: 9to5Mac

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