iOS 13 Dark Mode & Tabs For All Apps


According to a new Bloomberg report iOS 13 could feature a new dark mode, and the 2019 iPhone could feature a USB-C port.

The report outlines information Bloomberg has heard from sources related to the development of the new iOS software expected to be announced at WWDC 2019 in June and the upcoming 2019 iPhone which will be announced in September or October.

macOS Dark Mode / Light Mode Calendar

macOS Dark Mode / Light Mode Calendar

Starting with iOS 13, there are suggestions that this will be the year that iOS gains a system-wide dark mode. Dark modes have been built into many apps in the past but for Apple to deploy it system-wide would be a vast improvement. Just last year with the release of macOS Mojave Apple included a full dark mode theme for their desktop software provides us with a first look at what future iOS apps may look like in a darker theme.

Blank home screen  in iOS 12

Blank home screen in iOS 12

For iPads iOS 13 is expected to include new features including a redesigned home screen. Instead of the standard grid of apps, Apple could have something more desktop-like in mind for the future of the iPad. Already Apple has allowed users to add more than four apps in the dock and even remove all the apps from the home screen itself and hide them away in a folder like I have done for years on my iPad Pro.

Tabs Shown in Safari & Pages

Side By Side Pages Files

Another significant feature for iPad apps could be the addition of tab support for apps. This would allow you to run multiple versions of the app at the same time. Like you do in Safari with tabs, you would be able to open various documents in Pages, or Microsoft Word allowing you to quickly jump between documents without having to open and close docs each time.

A better file management system could also be in the works for iOS 13 on iPad, as with the new iPad Pros the addition of the USB-C port opens up the possibility to connect external storage devices, and maybe iOS 13 will allow users to move files between the built-in storage and external devices.

Also baked into iOS 13 CarPlay is expected to get an update. No information was released as to what that could be, but any updates to CarPlay would be a welcome one.

Beyond the software side, Bloomberg is also supporting the rumours around the iPhone adopting USB-C this year. This would be a significant change for Apple, but at this point, I feel it would be for the better. Apple’s laptop line has already moved to use USB-C, and now the iPad Pro also used USB-C. It would be great for the company to replace all their lightning ports with UCB-C allowing users to only have to worry about carrying around a single cable to charge up their iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or even Airpods.

Source: Bloomberg

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