iOS 12 Is Currently Running On Over 80% Of iOS Devices


Apple has released new information through the App Store support page for developers showing that iOS 12 is installed on 80% of all active iOS devices.

Only four and a half months after its initial release this is an excellent number for Apple. Among devices released in the past four years, iOS 12 is installed on 83% of devices.

As for older operating systems iOS, 11 is installed on 12% of current devices, and 8% of devices are using an older version of iOS.

Looking towards the future, Apple is expected to announce iOS 13 at their World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose this June, with the official release happening sometime in the fall.

In comparison, Googles Android OS 8 had an install base of just 12% after a full year on the market. Current Android 9 install information is unavailable at this time.

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