Introducing Stadia The Future Of Gaming


Today Google announced their exciting new cloud gaming platform called Stadia which will allow users to play games on many different devices all streamed from a Google data center.

Google used its keynote at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco to make the announcement and talk more about how the service will shape the future of gaming. Google is describing it as a platform for everyone, allowing users on multiple different devices to all play the same games with the same graphics quality and gameplay experience.

At launch Stadia games will be able to be streamed to the Chrome Browser, Chromecast devices, and Pixel devices.

Google also worked to develop a new type of controller for Stadia which users can use to play their games on any device. The controller operates in an interesting way by not connecting to the device your using, but instead, it uses wifi to connect directly to the Google servers where the game is being played. The video signal is then streamed back to the user's device. It's an exciting way to accomplish the gaming, but it also allows for a cool feature. Gamers will have the ability to pause their game and quickly switch devices without losing their place when gaming. Just pause the game on the controller select a different display to view it on, and keep playing using the same controller. Its a radical idea for gaming, but one that makes this a platform of the future.

You will soon be able to start playing a game on your computer, pause it, walk into the living room and pick up right where you paused. Maybe when you have to leave for work, pause again and move the game to your pixel phone. It's all possible using this new gaming platform.

Google also announced that YouTube would play a significant role in the rollout of Stadia as Google plans on using some of the biggest gamers on the platform to help promote the new service. There will even be a feature allowing you to watch a gameplay video; then a "play" button will be located under the video. Click play and the game will load right on your device and you can join in the fun. Stadia will also easily allow gamers to capture video, and highlights of their game and post it to YouTube. They are even working on a way for fans to play the game with their biggest stars.

Stadia doesn't have a launch date or pricing yet, but Google states it will launch this year. It will be available at launch in the USA, Canada, UK, & Europe. The service will also support streaming games in 4K at 60fps, but Google hopes to increase that in the future to 8K and 120fps options.

Currently, over 100 studios have access to dev kits of Stadia with many games already in development to work on the new platform in the future.

It will be interesting to see how this service will pan out in the future. From just learning about it today I'm very excited to see where this goes in the future. The idea of being able to play my favourite games on any device I want, with the best specs I can get is incredible I'm not a huge fan of building the biggest and best gaming PC possible, so the idea that I could just pay Google a monthly fee and they would basically provide me with the best streaming gaming service I can buy is a big plus. Also, the ability to move games from mobile to desktop, to TV is a very cool feature.

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