Instagram Testing New Swipe Based Timeline

Source: 9to5Mac

Source: 9to5Mac

If you opened the Instagram app this morning you might have been treated with a rather strange sight, the app's timeline had been changed to a horizontal scrolling system just like stories.

It didn't take long for users to take to twitter to show their disapproval of the change.

The Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri quickly became bombarded with tweets about the new design and replied:

Instagram quickly worked to roll back the change so it wouldn't affect as many users. It was also recommended that users force quit the app and open it again to change the timeline back.

My Take

It's not surprising Instagram is playing around with changing the interface of the app from time to time, but a significant change like this seems uncalled for.

Especially when you roll out this update without any announcement or ability for users to go back to the old feed design.

Yes, this appears to have been a mistake, but with the massive user backlash, if I were at the head of Instagram, I would highly consider cancelling this new design.

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