Instagram Testing Direct Messaging On The Web


Instagram is testing out direct messaging through their website which can be accessed on mobile or the desktop without the official app.

According to app researcher Jan Manchun Wong who spotted the messaging feature, it would allow a user to log into Instagram on the desktop through the website and access the messaging information and type up new messages.

Source: Jan Manchun Wong

Source: Jan Manchun Wong


The current Instagram web interface has been lacking for years as users have requested that the company update the website to include more of the features currently found on their app. Features like photo uploads and story uploads have been something users have wanted for years, but Instagram has stated they have no plans to bring this to the web.

So why exactly would Instagram be adding messaging to their website? One of the first big reasons could be their new standalone messaging app called Direct. Direct has been tested in six countries, and this addition could make it easier for users in those areas to access their messages from their computer.

The other main reason for this could be the plan to unify Facebook Messenger, What's App, and Instagram Direct into a single messaging platform allowing users to chat between them all.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

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