Instagram Adds IGTV Previews To The Main Feed


Instagram announced today that it would be adding one-minute long IGTV previews into your main feed in an attempt to get more people to watch.

The announcement video posted on Twitter shows off the IGTV video in the main feed, and if the user is interested, they can tap on it and are taken into the main IGTV interface to watch the full video.

After the announcement of IGTV back in June 2018 viewership on the platform dropped off substantially. This along with other efforts by Instagram make sense in a way to get more people watching their new vertical video platform.

Overall I can't see this is a promising way to get people interested in IGTV content, but I do think its a better idea than the annoying banner I often see at the top of my Instagram app. In the end, I think it was a good attempt by Instagram to make vertical video a thing, it just never caught on, and horizontal video from sites like Youtube still rain king.

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