iFixit Ranks Galaxy S10 With The Lowest Reparability Yet


Following the recent release of the new Samsung Galaxy S10 iFixit has got their hands on the new device to tear it apart revealing one of the worst repair scores for a Samsung phone in years.

Compared with other Samsung phones of the past the new S10 lineup ranks the lowest for the repairability score coming in at 3 out of 10. When looking at the other top phones from Google and Apple, the Samsung line ranks considerably lower.

Some of the main issues include difficulty when it comes to replacing the battery. It's not impossible; it's just difficult to get access to and remove. Another is the fact that the front and back glass on the phone is glued-down meaning there is a higher risk of breaking the glass when attempting to open the phone. The last is that while display replacement is possible but difficult due to a large amount of adhesive used.

Source: Ifixit

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