Huawei Announces The Mate X Folding Phone


Following the trend of 2019, Huawei has unveiled what I would consider being the best folding phone design so far, sorry Samsung.

The new Huawei Mate X features a large display on the front and back that when folded flat is the size of a tablet.

Huawei Mate X Specs:

  • Display:
    • Unfolded: 8-inches
    • Folded Front: 6.6-inches
    • Folded Back: 6.38-inches
  • 8gb ram
  • 512gb storage
  • Huawei Kirin 980 processor
  • Android 9.0
  • 5G ready
  • Cameras:
    • 40mp wide
    • 16mp ultra wide
    • 8mp telephoto
  • 4500 mAh battery
  • Dual SIM slots
  • Fingerprint Scanner In Power Button

From an early first look, this new phone looks very impressive. The design looks very sleek, and the phone appears thin even when folded. The use of a wrap-around display also allows for the folded design to retain a large screen, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Unfortunately, when asked by iPhone in Canada about the phone coming to Canada, Huawei stated:

"At present, the Mate X is not scheduled for Canada."

If the phone ever does launch in Canada, it could cost around $3,425.

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