Huawei Accused Of Attempting To Steal Apple Trade Secrets


A new report out today from The Information states that Huawei has been attempting to steal trade secrets about Apples products and manufacturing process from suppliers.

Huawei engineers have been working to steal Apple’s product secrets and in some cases going as far to talk with workers assembling products, or interrogating ex-Apple employees during a fake job application.

The Chinese company Huawei has sent engineers to manufacturers and suppliers to spy on Apple’s products before they are launched. They are even attempting to get the manufacturers or supplier to leak information under the guise of Huawei putting in big orders with the companies in the future.

Recently Huawei attempting to copy the Apple Watch heart rate sensor by asking suppliers to share their secrets, even going on fake meetings with the suppliers to try to learn as much about the future Apple products. Going so far as to tell suppliers Huawei's heart rate sensor was similar to Apples and to tell them how much it would cost to build, without actually sending over schematics.

Huawei is also targeting ex-Apple employees. In one case, the company called an ex-Apple employee in for a job interview only to interrogate the person about Apple’s product roadmap. The employee is quoted as stating that Huawei was "more interested in trying to learn about Apple than they were in hiring me."

Source: The Information

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