HomePod Now Counts Against Your Apple Music Stream Limit


Apple appears to have changed what they are calling a bug with how Apple Music categorized the HomePod.

No longer can you play music on your iPhone, while also listening to a different song on a HomePod. The HomePod is now classified as a playback device within the Apple Music world, and thus with the basic $9.99 a month Apple Music plans a user only gets to listen to music on a single playback device at once.

Apple has made it clear though that if you are listening to a song across a pair, or group of HomePods at once, that is still allowed.

The only way to get around this limitation would be to purchase the $14.99 a month Apple Music plan which allows six different music streams from the same Apple ID or family plan at once.

So if you happen to have a HomePod at home and your partner or roommate attempts to use it to listen to music you may find your iPhone’s music stopping for what appears to be an unknown reason.