GoPro Now Offers Unlimited Video Storage


GoPro is upgrading their online video storage service with unlimited cloud video storage for GoPro Plus subscribers.

The service allows users to store unlimited video and photos shot on the GoPro cameras with $4.99 a month. Previously subscribers could only store up to 35 hours of video (250gb), and the files were transcoded to a lower bitrate.

GoPro has since changed their mind on the transcoding action also. GoPro CEO Nick Woodman stated:

“There’s no transcoding going on — like none — and there’s no degradation of image quality ... Your GoPro photos and video are going to go up to your Plus cloud account in their original bitrate with no transformation whatsoever.”

Along with the uncompressed video and unlimited storage options Plus subscribers also get a 50% discount on most GoPro mounts and accessories.

GoPro Plus Mobile Backup App

GoPro Plus Mobile Backup App

At the end of 2018 GoPro had announced there were over 185,000 paying and active users of the service, and that GoPro Plus was growing at a rate of 20,000 users per quarter which amounts to generating around 1 Million Dollars for the company per month.

These changes should help GoPro to stand out in the action camera market, but it still might not be enough to convince others to buy into the service. The limitation of video only shot on GoPro means users with other cameras would have to store their footage in 2 locations which don't seem logical in the long run. The move to generate more profit from the subscription service is a good one for GoPro as the company has been struggling in recent years to sell their cameras as they failed in the drone market, and their action cameras have dropped in sales as users either already have a camera that works great, or merely realize not everyone needs an action camera for their daily life.

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