Google Working on Updating Their Podcast App With an Improved Search Function


Google is working on updating its Podcasts app with a new more powerful search feature which could someday see Google transcode all podcasts allow for the ultimate search function.

Googles head of podcasts Zack Reneau-Wedeen announced on Twitter recently that they are working on rolling out an improved version of search within the Android podcasts app this week. Currently, the new feature is available to around 1% of the user base, but that number is expected to increase as the week continues. By the end of this week, all users of the Google Podcast app should have access to a new version of search.

Currently, the Google Podcast search function only searches based on the podcast titles, not the content contained within them. This can prove troublesome when searching for a select podcast within the larger collection or feed.


In the past, Google has even hinted at possibly transcribing all podcasts within the app allowing users to search through podcasts based on what the hosts say during the recording. This feature would be very similar to what Google currently does on YouTube where they use transcriptions to allow users to search to specific sections within videos.

It's still unclear if that's something Google could do in the near future, but it's for sure an option. For now, Google continues to work on updating their podcast app to hopefully someday become the default podcast app on Android.

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