Google Releases First Image Of Pixel 4


In response to several leaked images of the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone, today Google made a big surprising step and released the first image of the new phone themselves. Even though the Pixel 4 is expected to be announced until October.

The first images show the back of the new device with a new square camera bump which appears to house two cameras, along with a third unknown sensor. This rear camera bump looks very similar to the camera bump which Apple is expected to include on their iPhone 11 devices this year.

Google has had a troubling time attempting to keep the Pixel device secret before its official launch. Last year was a disaster for the device as details, photos, and even unboxing videos all appeared online before Google announced the device.

One Pixel 3 was left in the back of a Lyft by accident, while many other devices were stolen and sold on the Ukrainian black market in the summer before the announcement.

Though we can't see the front of the phone, it's rumoured to ditch the notch from last year and move to the hole punch design currently seen on some popular smartphones including the Galaxy S10.

Google is also rumoured to be working on their version of facial recognition technology, which will be used on this phone, similar to Face ID used on the iPhone.

It's unclear if Google plans to continually release images of the Pixel 4 leading up to the announcement this fall, or if this was a one-off release to hold us over before the big event.

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