Google Pixel 3 Vs "Phone X"


Google is once again poking fun at its biggest rivals photo abilities in this latest Ad tweeted out by the head of Googles Marketing department.

Marvin Chow, VP of marketing at Google, recently tweeted out this photo showing off the comparison between "phone X" and the pixel 3 when using the night sight feature. It's a very subtle jab at Apples latest iPhone SE which doesn't feature a dedicated night shooting mode like the Pixel.

Overall the ad is a simple representation of one feature that makes the pixel better than the iPhone in a way any user would easily see. Along with dropping the, "i" in iPhone allows the Pixel branding to be the only one noticeable at first glance, beyond the subtle G logo in the bottom right corner.

In the end, I'm glad to see Google working on promoting their pixel line of phones and this feature in this way. This will for sure spur Apple to enhance their camera on the next version of the iPhone, which in turn is better for consumers. No matter if you like Android or iOS competition helps keep us moving forward in this ever-changing technological world.

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