Google Photos Gets New Sharing Menu


Google is working to make sharing those great photos you've been taking a lot easier within their Google Photos app. A redesigned version of the share menu is beginning to show up for users of Google Photos featuring a refreshed and simpler design.

Last year Android VP of engineering David Burke had announced his team was working on a newly redesigned version of the Android share menu to be rolled out across devices in the future.

Old Share Sheet Design  Source: 9to5Google

Old Share Sheet Design

Source: 9to5Google

New Share Sheet Design  Source: 9to5Google

New Share Sheet Design

Source: 9to5Google

The first two apps to feature these new share menus were Google Maps and Google News; now it appears Google Photos is part of this rollout.

The new share menu is smaller than the previous version featuring two horizontal lists, one for contacts you would like to share with, and the other is for apps to share the photos in. Another great addition to the menu is a search bar at the top allowing you to quickly search for contacts or apps you want to share to without scrolling through the lists.

Users should start noticing this updated share menu rolling out over the coming weeks to Android devices. IOS devices currently have a similar share menu which also features more iOS sharing settings.

Source: 9to5Google