Google+ Official April 2nd Along With Other Google Services Like Inbox


Spring cleaning at Google is happening all month as the company has announced they are ending many online services and platforms this month.


Google Allo - March 12th

Google Allo will be the first of the services to be closed this month. After its initial announcement back in 2016 Allo was intended to replace Hangouts. Initially, Allo took off, and users enjoyed it, but soon after that fan fair died off. As it appears all messaging services do for Google it never could compete against Google's other services.


Google Inbox - End Of March

This is a big one, and will surely make many in the Google world upset. Google Inbox was first announced back in 2014 and was a whole new way to organize and handle email. Many users often found it more fun to deal with than traditional email. Unfortunately, Google always saw it as a testbed for future features they could add to the standard Gmail app. Google is now doing away with Inbox and asking all users to move over to Gmail instead.

google-url-shortener.jpg - March 30th

Googles URL shortener was never a big star, but it was simple, and it worked well. In direct competition with which ended up taking a vast majority of the market. Google was starting shutting down the service last April as they stopped new users from using the service. Once closed all URL's will continue to function, but statistics will not be available for users.


Google+ - April 2nd

After years of reporters stating it was doomed Google is finally putting Google+ to an end. The social network never really worked out for Google and never took on Facebook as it was initially intended to do. Even after multiple attempts by Google to integrate Google+ into all their other services users never found the service compelling. Years later Google+ became a source of numerous data breaches for Google, and thus it was announced last year Google+ could be shut down.

One key piece to note with Google+ is its most successful feature Photos was spun off into its app a few years ago. Google Photos is now one of the most popular photo storage apps on both Android and iOS and proves to be a great success for Google.

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