Google May Announce To Video Game Streaming Service Next Month


It looks like Google could be planning on jumping into the video game streaming world as a new invite has been sent out by the company for developers to join them at an event at the Game Developers Conference to "Gather Round."

This new video game streaming platform would be similar to Sony's PlayStation Now game service which allows the user to stream video games to their local device without the need for specialized hardware like a console.

Just last year Google announced their new Project Stream which allowed the Chrome browser to stream video games which appear to be a forth comer to this new streaming service.

It's still too early to say precisely what platforms Google plans on rolling this service out also. With Chrome getting the update last year it seems inevitable you will be able to play games in the browser on your desktop, but maybe Google will also bring the service to Android, or chromecast devices. There is even a chance that Google could develop a new version of chromecast that has a faster processor and wired internet connection just for this purpose.

Overall we will have to wait till GDC in March for Google to show off this new platform. It will be interesting to see what they have planned.

Source: Polygon

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