Google Gives Up On Tablets


In a rather interesting announcement late last week, Google killed off their Pixel Tablet Division announcing the cancellation of all future tablets.

Just last year Google announced the new Pixel Slate alongside the Pixel 3 smartphone. Initial reaction and reviews of the device were less than promising with stuttering animations and lagging multitasking along with a strange setup of specs the tablet appeared destined to fail from the beginning.

Google has tried to build tablets in the past and possibly the most successful one was the Nexus 7, a smaller 7-inch tablet which was primarily used as an e-reader with a colour display and full android onboard.


The small tablet did well, but Google never really updated it, and it soon became out of date. The Pixel Slate appeared to be designed to pick up where the Nexus 7 left off giving android and Pixel users a tablet similar to the iPad and iPhones.

But alas that wasn’t meant to be, I can only assume it was due to poor sales and reviews that Google eventually pulled the plug. Google stated that they would be moving their teams to focus on ChromeOS laptops instead, but with the increased investment into the new Fuchsia operating system, we may soon see another tablet from Google but this time running a whole new type of operating system.

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