Google Fuchsia OS will support Android Apps


Its no secret that Google is working on what could be the successor to the Android and Chrome Operating Systems called Fuchsia, and more details are coming out on how Google could handle the transition to this new OS.

One of the big questions initially posed by many was whether or not Google was going to force developers to create new apps for the platform or if they would find a way to transition current Android apps over to Fuchsia.

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.46.37 PM.png

A recent posting on the Android open source project suggests Google is looking at doing the later as Fuchsia will run a specialized version of the Android Runtime the code used by apps to run currently on Android.

This would make it significantly easier for users to transition to the new OS, possibly without even knowing its that much different than traditional Android.

Google has still yet to comment on the release date for Fuchsia insisting its simple an ongoing project within the company.