Google Exploring A Future Folding Pixel Phone


Google is the latest phone maker to jump into the folding phone trend as the company has been spotted submitting a new patent which outlines a possible future folding phone.

The patent application filed by Google shows off two main versions of a folding device. One which appears to fold like an old-school flip phone. The second is interesting as it folds in a "Z" like formation.

These patent applications don't necessarily mean Google is working on a new folding version of the Pixel for next year. But it does mean the company is thinking about how their future devices could fold. It should be noted that Google doesn't even refer to the device in the patent as a phone. Instead, they call it a "modern computing device" which is a strange way to put it. I suppose this covers the case that in the future they use this patent on a tablet of sorts, or maybe a future chrome book.

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