Gboard iOS Keyboard Update Adds Haptic Feedback


Google sent out an update this morning for their popular Gboard iOS keyboard to add a new haptic feedback feature every time you type a letter on the keyboard.

Version 1.40 adds this haptic feedback to the keyboard and works with all current iPhones dating back to the iPhone 7.

Apple doesn't currently have haptic feedback on their keyboard, but after using Gboard for a bit its something I think they should at least add as an option for users who want more tactic feedback when they type.


For those interested in trying this feature out, download the free Gboard app from the App Store, and enable it as a keyboard option. Then you will have to dive into the Gboard app to turn on the haptic feedback option.

I use the Gboard keyboard as my default on my iPhone X and have for over a year now. Gboard offers many great options and features that the standard iOS keyboard does not. Features like the swipe typing are great when using the phone one-handed, or the excellent emoji search function that allows you to find any emoji quickly. These two features alone are a great reason to switch over to Gboard. Not to mention the text prediction is far better than what Apple can come up with.

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