Future Rivian Trucks Could Have Swappable Modules


The future Rivian R1T could have the ability to swap the box for many different modules allowing users to reconfigure the truck based on their needs quickly.

According to a new patent filed by Rivian called "Systems and Methods for reconfigurable electric vehicles," this would allow parts of the future pickup to be swapped out for other modules. The truck currently ships with a traditional truck box, but maybe in the future, it could be swapped out for a flatbed type design, or perhaps a closed top design, or even a truck camper type design.

Along with easily swapping the modules on the truck, the vehicle itself would automatically adjust the suspension and power output to compensate for the new module.

Rivian has not announced this functionality at the time of writing this article, but it does give us a clear look into what may be possible with their electric trucks.

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