Future Face Id Could Detect Multiple Faces From Farther Away.


Apples latest acquisition could point to them working on an updated version of Face ID which could detect you from further away, or ever identify multiple people.

The AI security camera company Lighthouse went out of business last year, but the patents they filed were still worth looking at. Towards the end of 2018, Apple bought the patents related to the lighthouse product which deal with using computer vision to scan and recognize faces.

These patents appear to be very similar to the technology Apple is currently using inside their Face ID system. These additional patents could allow Face ID in the future to see a persons face from further away. Or it could also help detect multiple users allowing different faces to be used to log into a device.

It should also be noted that Apple may have simply bought the patents to ensure no other company procures them in the future and attempts to use them to sue Apple for patent infringement related to Face ID.

Currently, it's hard to tell what Apple will do with these patents butt it could serve as a sign of better Face ID sensors in the future, and the possibility of multi-user sign on, something many have been asking for since Face ID was announced.

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