Full Sizes Flying Taxi Takes off For The First Time


Lilium took a big step today as the company completed a successful test flight of their full scale all-electric flying taxi.

The company based in German hopes to have hundreds of these Air Taxis flying through the skies of large cities by 2025. So with other six years to go to appears to be on track.

Just two years ago, they flew a smaller scale model of the vehicle which provided critical data which in turn allowed Lilium to develop a full-scale model.

This full sizes Air Taxi can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, but once it has taken off the engines can rotate to move the aircraft into a horizontal flight like an airplane.

Utilizing 36 electric engines the aircraft has a range of 300km and can fly around 300km/hr. Thanks to the design of the aircraft once in horizontal cruise the engines only need to use 10% of their maximum 2000 horsepower for the flight which drastically saves on energy consumption.

Unlike other companies working on similar flying taxis, Lilium plans to keep a pilot in the aircraft at all times. This will make it quickly remedied for the company to get approval from the European Aviation Safety Agency and the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In the future, Lilium hopes to have these flying taxis in use in many major cities around the world. With trips from Downtown Manhattan, New York City to JFK International airport only taking 10 minutes and costing $70. Currently, other companies fly a similar route using traditional helicopters, and they charge $195 per flight.

The future appears bright for Lilium, and hopefully, they can get everything off the ground by 2025.

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