Folding Phones Are Here

hero-galaxyfold 2.gif

2019 is the year of the folding phone and this past week we have seen two of the biggest phone makers in the world unveil their folding phone designs. Samsung has gone the route to have a small display on the outside, with a folding display on the inside. Where Huawei has gone for a single folding display on the outside of the phone.

Both phones show off the potential for the folding design of the future — a device that's small like a smartphone, with the possibility of a larger display like a tablet. It's great to see, but it will be interesting to see if users agree.

It's great that we've got to a point where technology can create phones like this, but until users start buying them, it's hard to tell if they are the future. They look cool, but it's going to come down to daily use and how apps and operating systems support them in the future.

For now, the folding phones are here, but the bigger question is will anyone actually buy them.

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