Folding Display Motorola RAZR V4 Leaks Online


It appears the first render of Motorola's upcoming folding RAZR smartphone has leaked online. These photos show off what could be the forthcoming revival of the highly popular flip phone of the past in whole new design.

Motorola originally published several patents months ago showing off a device very similar to the one seen in the renders. The smartphone would feature a clamshell-like design, with a folding OLED display on the inside. This would allow the RAZR to look like the original RAZR but with a large touchscreen on the inside.

The top of the display appears to feature a notch which could house the cameras and speaker. As for the chin of the phone, just like the original RAZR, there will be a thicker section at the bottom.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the RAZR V4 will go on sale at the end of May for $2000 CAD ($1500 USD).

Overall I think this new RAZR design is fascinating. This phone could be the best example yet of the changing smartphone world in 2019. No longer do smartphones have to be flat black glass slabs. They can once again have an impressive design and smaller form factor while still retaining the power and features of a standard smartphone.

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