Faraday Future Sells Off Las Vegas Land


Its another strike against Faraday Future as the company has announced they're selling their Las Vegas manufacturing site for $40 million.

It's unfortunate that recently all news surrounding Faraday Future is painted in a bad light, but yet again today we see evidence of the company is serious trouble.

Originally the plan for Faraday Future was to manufacture their new all-electric vehicles at the Las Vegas location. Faraday Future squired the land and had plans to build a $1 billion manufacturing facility on this location.

In 2016 those plans were put on hold as the company started to encounter financial troubles. The following year in 2017 Faraday Future announced they would be abandoning the project altogether. Now only two years after that the company has finally sold off the land.

With this and many other issues, the company is facing I find it hard to imagine Faraday Future ever becoming successful in creating their electric car future. It was a great idea, and they had plenty of hype, but in the end, that wasn't enough to save the company and help them usher in the future.

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