Fake Alexa Setup App Climbs To Top Of iOS App Store


A word of warning this Holiday season, as a fake Amazon Alexa app has made its way to the top of the iOS App Store and it could affect the security of your new smart speaker.

The fake app called "Setup for Amazon Alexa" is created by a company called "One World Software" and claims to help you set up the new Echo you received for the holidays.

The app asks for the users IP address, and the devices serial number. It doesn't ask for your Amazon account details so its hard to tell what the developer could be doing with this information.

Currently, Amazon & Apple have yet to comment on the app, and it's still available in the iOS App Store.

My Take

Be mindful when downloading apps like this from any App Store. Always check to make sure the developer information is correct for any major company.

If you were affected by this app, there is nothing you can do besides delete the app from your device and hope nothing terrible happens.

There is a possibility in the future that your echo could be hacked since you provided the IP address and serial number so if you're worried you could always exchange the device for a new one at the store.

Hopefully, Amazon releases an update to help protect against this in the future.

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