Facebook Watch News Content Being Cut Back


Facebook has announced they're cutting their Facebook Watch news content for the upcoming year by 1/3rd.

Initially launched a year and a half ago Facebook Watch was a production to create News content from some of the biggest news networks in the USA for the Facebook audience. Originally Facebook signed on 21 different shows for production, but now they are scaling back those productions to just 7.

There are some other changes for publishers; Facebook will no longer be covering all the upfront costs of production of the Watch shows. But in return for funding the shows themselves, news organizations may use their ad inventory on the platform instead of Facebook selling the ads or them.

Facebook says their not abandoning news on the platform, but it doesn't look good that they are cutting so many shows. ABC, CNN, Business Insider, Anderson Cooper, and BuzzFeed currently have shows on Facebook Watch with new content coming out daily or weekly.

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