Even Facebook Employees Are Paranoid About Their Privacy


It's never a good sign when employees of your company are not only shit talking management being their backs but buying burner cell phones to do it.

A new report from Buzzfeed news report states employees within the worlds largest social media company are buying burner phones to talk shit about Facebook and upper management without the company tracking their actions.

This yet another report of the toxic environment developing within Facebook over the past year. Employees are contemplating their futures within the company as some employees side with upper management, and others are preparing for a large scale corporate meltdown.

In the past reports have surfaced of Facebook upper management tracking the movements of Facebook employees, and using facebooks tracking and messaging technology to spy on employees after hours and off campus.

Some even going so far to reveal Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has employed a private task force within the company to find employees leaking information or speaking ill of the company to the press.

My Take

Overall I'm not surprised to hear Facebook doing something like this to their employees. The company sounds more and more like a toxic place to work, and like the rest of the world starts to realize facebook may not be as great as initially thought.

In my perspective, Facebook has lost its charm and the sooner I can remove the site from my life the better.

Curtis Paradis
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