Environment Canada Launched Their New Weather App For iOS and Android


Today Environment Canada released their new WeatherCAN app for iOS and Android users in Canada allowing you to get better weather information and alerts right on your smartphone.

For a first generation app, it does its job, and that's good, though I think it could use some work on the design side.

Quickly navigating through the app I find it rather boring. The information you need is there, but in a rather bland presentation.

Its an excellent first attempt for sure and hopefully future versions of the app can address its design. I personally won't be swapping out Carrot Weather, or the Weather Networks apps for this one anytime soon. I love Carrot's design and character far too much. The Weather Network app is a good goto for me when I need to look at Radar or more detailed weather information that Carrot can't provide.

Carrot Weather App

The Weather Network App

The Weather Network App

You can download the WeatherCAN app today on iOS and Android

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