Elon Musk Releases Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser


There was a surprise sneak peek at the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck released at the very end of the Tesla Model Y event, but it appears no one caught a photo of it. Elon Musk has now released the image on twitter for all to see.

The teaser image doesn't have much to go by. It even left many only wondering what part of the truck the teaser is also showing. Could it be the front of the truck? Or the back?

In the past Elon Musk has stated the pickup truck is his favourite vehicle Tesla is currently developing, and its radical design may be too futuristic for most people.

Musk has stated the truck will seat six adults and feature 400 - 500 miles of range (640 - 800 km).

Tesla is expected to announce the pickup truck at an event later this year though no production date has yet been announced. Its possible Tesla won't start production of the pickup truck till the Model Y, and Roadster 2020 are in production and are running smoothly.

There are still lots of questions about these future vehicles. Below are some of my favourite concepts of what the truck could look like.

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