Dropbox Upgrades Their Paid Storage To 2 Terabytes Of Data


Dropbox today made a pretty big announcement as they have doubled their paired users storage from 1 TB up to 2 TB’s all without raising their prices.

This change will now see the Plus subscription tier cost $12.99 CAD ($10.99 USD) and include the 2 TB of storage. As for the Professional Plan users, they get upgraded to 3 TB’s of storage for $23.25 CAD ($17.20 USD) per month.

Along with the additional storage, Dropbox is rolling out some new online features for paying users. The first is an upgrade to Smart Sync which will now become automated. Smart Sync will now delete local versions of files which are backed up in Dropbox but haven’t been used on the local device for some time. Files can be easily re-downloaded to the user's device at any time if they need access to the file.

Rewind is another new feature which will make it easier to recover lost files for users. Plus subscribers will have up to 30 days to rollback any file within their Dropbox. Professional users will have up to 180 days.

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