Dropbox Announces New Updated Mac and iOS App

dropbox - thumb.png

Dropbox today announced a significant change to the way their application runs on your computer and in its app, what the company is calling “the biggest user-facing change in the companies history.”

This new app is the perfect took for viewing all your Dropbox content is a clean and straightforward user interface. Along with your content, the new app allows for easily managing team content and even offers integration with Slack, along with to-dos and the ability to pin files for others to see.

With updates to the Dropbox desktop experience, dropbox.com, and the mobile app, users get a single workspace designed to bring files, fragmented work tools, and teams together. The update includes early access to a new desktop app designed to provide a convenient, unique access point to the workspace.

The new Mac app is currently opt-in through Dropbox’s early access program and will be rolling out to all users shortly.

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