DJI Deploys New Geofencing Tech To Stop People From Flying Drones Around Airports


DJI is working to combat drone users flying too close to major airports in the UK as today the company announced a new form of geofencing which should stop drone users from flying into and around major airports.

The new system called the Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) 2.0 allows DJI to convert the current geofencing around airports from a cylinder type system to a new bow tie type design.

The new technology was developed by Altitude Angel and should stop DJI drones from flying too close to, in the flight path of, or inside airports restricted airspace.

Over the past few months, there have been significant shutdowns at large airports across the UK due to drone sightings, and these new geofences should stop that from happening.

Along with the United Kingdom, this new updated will be deployed at 32 other airports across Europe including 19 airports which currently have no form of geofencing active at them.

This new GEO 2.0 will require DJI Drones to update to the new DJI GO 4 mobile app which will be updated in the coming days.

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