DJI Announces New Osmo Action Camera To Take On GoPro


DJI has announced their next product, and they have their sights set squarely on GoPro with the new DJI Osmo Action.

There are several great features with this new camera, including:

  • Large rear touchscreen
  • Front facing display for Selfies
  • Easy screw on mounting for filters
  • Waterproof up to 11 meters
  • Shockproof
  • 12 Megapixel Camera
  • Shoots 4K at 60fps
  • Shoots 1080p at 240fps
  • New RocketSteady stabilization feature
  • $470 CAD ($349 USD)

This last item could be one of the significant defining factors for this new camera. Not only does it cost less than the compelling GoPro Hero Black, but this new stabilization mode kicks GoPro out fo the water.

The Osmo Actions ability to easily and quickly stabilize footage is a perfect addition to anyone. If you're looking to get the best action shots available or just looking for a new simple camera for Vlogging, this could be the perfect fit.

Along with the Amazon stabilization, the front facing display is a great addition. No longer do you have to use the companion app on your smartphone to properly frame up a shot or you in the shot. Now you can look at the front display and instantly know if you're in frame or not.

Another smart move by DJI was the use the same mounting system as GoPro. This means all those GoPro accessories you already own, or that already exist out in the world will work with this new camera. This allows the Osmo Action to get up to speed with GoPro quickly.

It will be interesting to see how GoPro retaliates to this move from DJI. In the past GoPro attempted to move in DJI's space with a drone of their own, but that failed to take flight.

Now with DJI moving into GoPro's space, it could be interesting to see what happens. I feel like GoPro could have a hard couple of years ahead of them because DJI has a big drone business to back up this camera even if they sell it at a loss for a few years DJI could drastically overtake GoPro in the 2020s.

I think the DJI Osmo Action looks very compelling, and next time I'm in the market for a new small camera, I might pick one of these up.

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