Digital Wellbeing Will Be Included On The Galaxy S10 Phones


Googles Digital Well-being feature will be included on Samsungs new Galaxy S10 smartphones.

This is the first time a non Pixel or Android One phone will get this Google feature. Recently spotted by XDA Developers the feature will allow users of the S10 line to track their device usage.

Digital Wellbeing is designed to allow users to track their usage on the phone from what apps they use the most, to how many notifications they get during the day and even how many times they pick up their phones. Digital Wellbeing also has a feature called "wind down" which allows the phone to shift to a grayscale display colour before your bedtime slowly.

Google Wellbeing is also rolling out to the Nokia 6 & Nokia 8 phones.

Hopefully, we see other Android phones roll of this similar update to help users track their usage on the phone.

Source: XDA Developers

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