Crave Gained Over 1 Million New Subscribers This Past Year


Bell Canada today announced their fourth-quarter earnings report for the Crave streaming service and things are looking good as they added 1 million new subscribers in 2018.

Crave now has 2.3 million subscribers in Canada, that's up 1 million from last year during the same time. Bell also noted that the operating revenue from its media division grew by 1.9% this past year bringing in $850 million in revenue for the company.

Paying Subscribers Year Over Year

Paying Subscribers Year Over Year

A recent rebrand and the addition of a new subscriber tier which added HBO content could be the reason for the increased subscriber base this past year. It'll be interesting to see if Bell can keep up this growth into 2019 and 2020. Maybe even looking at expanding the streaming video platform outside Canada in the future.

Source: Mobilesyrup

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