Could This Really Be What The 2019 iPhone Looks Like?


Reliable Apple leaker OnLeaks has announced on Twitter what his sources believe the 2019 iPhone will look like.

At first glance, this new camera bump design is rather ugly in my opinion, but the rumour that Apple is thinking of adding a third camera to the back of the iPhone has been ongoing for a few years.

The addition of a third camera could be for one of two reasons. The first being the addition of another camera sensor will allow the iPhone to capture photos up to 24mp in size. The second would be the addition of not a camera but a Time of Flight scanner used for augmented reality.

This Time of Flight sensor sends out laser beams, which bounce off the surrounding environment and are then received back to the sensor. This would allow the iPhone to calculate the distance objects are from the phone more accurately.

At the moment, this is nothing more than a rumour. It won't be until this fall that Apple will announce their next generation smartphone which may, or may not look like the renders shown off by OnLeaks.

Source: digit

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