Could This Be The Worlds First Private Space Station


When you look up at the stars in the future, you might see this shining back at you. The Von Braun Rotating Space Station is the dream to create the worlds first commercial space station orbiting the earth but is it possible.

Named after space pioneer Werner von Braun, and modelled after his plans for a rotating space station orbiting the earth this new station designed by the Gateway Foundation hopes to the space station for the future. It would allow private companies and government-funded agencies to work together and great this giant spinning ring in the sky.

Spearheading this entire project is former pilot John Blincow and retired Jet Propulsion Laboratory mission architect Tom Spilker. They both hope to begin construction on this station in the future allowing the likes of NASA or even Hilton Hotels to build modules and attach them to the spinning station.

Their new video shows off this vision for the first time to the public. The station features the habitation pods around the outside ring and the docking area in the middle. It also features emergency space pods located around the outer ring in the event of an accident in which the guests and crew need to evacuate.

Overall its a fantastic vision for the future, but there are some significant challenges ahead for the company. The biggest of which is funding. They were attempting to start a Kickstarter to fund money for a small satellite type device costing $50,000, but that failed to meet its funding goal.

The Gateway Foundation now has plans to hold a lottery for tickets up to the station. The only issue with that is in many countries and states the government can only hold lotteries, but private companies. So the Gateway Foundation would need to find a way to change that law to begin conducting the lottery to fund this large station.

In the end, I think it looks like a fantastic vision for the future, and I would love to visit it someday, but I don't believe this company will be the one to bring it to life. It seems far more likely that SpaceX, Blue Origin, or Bigelow Aerospace will achieve this first.

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