Changes To The Canadian Copyright Act Should See Fewer Emails About Piracy


Some good news for Canadians this fast week as the federal government has amended the Canadian Copyright ACT preventing companies from asking for payment or personal information from potential infringers.

This change will prevent content rights holders from contacting and requesting payment if they suspect the user illegally downloaded a piece of content.

Up until this change which went into place four years ago copyright holders were sending out warning emails to people, and some even requested payment or a settlement fee from the suspected copyright infringement.

This is an excellent change for Canadian citizens and should see fewer individuals think they need to pay that fee in order for the copyright infringement to go away if you are a user who is interested or actively pirating content its always a good idea to invest in a VPN which can mask your internet activity from your ISP and redirect it to different locations around the world.

Source: CBC News

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