CES 2019 - Wednesday Rundown


Hyundai Walking Car

Hyundai today took a big step in unveiling their futuristic-looking walking car. Called the Elevate the vehicle platform can travel on standard roads, but if it encounters anything blocking the way the car can extend its four legs and walk over the object.

Hyundai states the vehicle is capable of stepping over a 5-foot gap, or five-foot tall wall. The body of the vehicle is also unique in that it can be swapped out depending upon the task at hand.

Right now Hyundai only has a one-fifth working scale model but hopes in the future to have a fully functioning version available for the public to see.


AMD 3rd-gen Ryzen desktop CPU

AMD took the stage today at CES to show off their new 7-nanometer 4th generation Ryzen 3 chips which they say are faster and use 30% less power than Intel's equivalent.

The new processor chips will ship in the middle of this year for an undisclosed price, but some good news if you currently own a computer with the AM4 Motherboard you will be able to easily swap this new processor chip for your old version without having to buy a brand new motherboard.


iOttie iPhone Car Mount

iPhone accessories maker iOttie today showed off their new smartphone car mount with built-in wireless charging and Amazon Alexa assistant.

The mount is comparable with both Android and iOS smartphones capable of charging the devices while docked thanks to its integrated wireless charging technology. Along with that, the mount features dual microphones and noise cancellation allowing you to talk to Alexa in the car.

Alexa will be able to access the over 70,000 skills which currently work with the assistant, but she will also be able to play music, check the weather forecast, get driving directions and even control your smart home devices right from inside the car.

Curtis Paradisces19, curtis