CBC Tests Out Electric Vehicles In Canada


CBC released a new story last night showing what its like to use a mid-range electric car in Canada and it didn't go as well as many had hoped.

The report proved its point, showing the reporter and producer adapting to the new electric vehicle, something it's apparent they don't drive often or haven't driven before.

There was some range anxiety when they took the wrong exit, and thus had to change their plans for a charging location, but overall they made it to their destination.

Even ending the report by pointing out the newer model of car they drove now has over double the battery capacity meaning their trip could have been a whole lot easier.

Though the report somewhat points electric cars in a negative light, it should be noted that more and more charging stations are popping up across the country. As with the introduction with gas vehicles, there wasn't a gas station in every town. It seems like something hard to imagine but its true. Now in 2019, we see a significant change in the automotive industry and all signs point towards electric as the future.

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