Canada Considers Banning Huawei From 5G Network Construction


According to new report published by Bloomberg the Canadian government could block Huawei from working on Canada's future 5G network.

The report highlights that Canada could follow the move by its allies the USA, Australia, & New Zealand who have blocked Huawei from working with telecommunications companies in those countries to roll out the future 5G network over concerns of national security.

Though the government of Canada is considering the move, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may delay the final decision as long as possible to avoid jeopardizing three Canadians current detained by the Chinese government.

Richard Fadden, the former Canadian national security adviser to Trudeau, said "I think a ban is likely," going on to state that he believes the Chinese companies presence in 5G would pose a risk to national security.

These security concerns all arise due to Huawei's close ties to the Chinese government and Huawei's willingness to work with their government on matters of espionage.

Other European nations are also considering a ban on Huawei's involvement in the development of 5G networks in their countries.

With the recent reports of Huawei working with the Chinese government to spy on other nations, it's not hard to see them abusing this technology in the future. Its also not incoming from Chinese companies to build in backdoors to their tech that they sell to other nations and companies to spy on the companies or countries, but also in a time of war they could shut the networks down, crippling the country at the whim of the Chinese government.

It might be a good idea at this time to keep Chinese companies away from the development of new telecommunications networks in the Western world, and maybe even look into developing an at-home solution to prevent any country in the future from gaining access to Canada's systems.

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